Skanlab Therapy™


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Skanlab Therapy™

Skanlab Therapy™ is a treatment device which was developed in 1988 in Norway. It is based on the capacitor field system. The device generates a high frequency alternating current field at 500kHz (long-wave diathermy) in which the patient forms a part of the capacitor.Skanlab Therapy™ generates an optimal, local deep heat, which immediately increases local circulation, reduces pain, improves elasticity and therefore improves mobility.

The deep heat device is mainly applied to acute, subacute and chronic injuries within the muscular and skeletal area. Herein the simultaneous active therapy (e.g. the REHAPE concept) boosts the positive effects.


Mains voltage: 00-240 VAC
Frequency: 60/50 Hz
AC Output current: 1,2-0,6 Amp
Maximum output power: 25 W
Output frequency: 500 kHz
Medical device classification: IIa (according to MDD 93/42/EEC)
Safety class: I type BF
Standard: IEC 60601-1(ed.3);am1, IEC 60601-1-6(ed.3);am1, IEC 62366(ed.1);am1
Dimensions: 302x300x126,5mm (lxwxh)
Weight: 4,3 kg


● Coaxial arthritis
● Adductor tendonitis
● Trochanter bursitis/bursitis disorders
● M. piriformis syndrome

● “Lower back pain”
● Detoning muscles
● Myalgia
● Pre-treatment for massages, stretching, mobilisation

● Hamstring contusions
● M. quadriceps contusions

● Gonarthritis
● Patello-femoral arthralgia
● Ligament injuries
● Runner’s knee
● Jumper’s knee

● Epicondylitis – lateral and medial
● Pronator teres syndrome
● Bursitis
● Carpal tunnel syndrome
● Finger ligament distortions

● M. tibialis post. tendonitis
● Tibia periostitis
● M. triceps surae contracture

● Distortion of the ankle with oedema
● Sinus tarsi syndrome
● Achilles tendonitis/paratendonitis
● Talofibular anterior sprains

● Myalgia
● Torticollis
● WAD – Whiplash Associated Disorders)
● Pre-treatment for massages, exercise, mobilisation

● Impingement syndrome
● Rotator cuff symptoms
● Biceps longum tendonitis
● In the mobilisation of “frozen shoulder”.